What is Bounce Rate

What is Bounce Rate?

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Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors you have to a single page of your website. If you have a high bounce rate, it means that people are just visiting that one page and leaving your site. If you have a low bounce rate, then it means that people are sticking around a while and visiting other pages of your website.

You can find your bounce rate by using website analytics tools such as Google Analytics. If your bounce rate is around 26-40%, then it is excellent! Good for you, Boss Babe! If your bounce rate is between 41-55%, you are in the average of most websites. There may be some tweaks you can do to improve this. If your bounce rate is 56%+ and your website’s purpose is to lead visitors to different pages of your site, then we have some improving to do. If your bounce rate is high, but you have a one-page website, then that is okay because people are only looking at one page anyhow.

Some reasons your multipage site might have a high bounce rate are:

You can use analytics software, such as Google Analytics, to help you pinpoint if any of the above are issues for your site. You can use their in-depth reports when you link to your website. Finding the problems with your website will be a process, but once found, it can make your website a more effective business tool.

You can use Google Analytics Audience Overview report to take a look at the overall bounce rate of your website. If the bounce rate is high, you can dig deeper into the reports to analyze why this could be happening. It will help you make a game plan to improve your website.

Analyzing the performance of your website and the data is the best way to perfect it to work the best for you to get the results you want.

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