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The Gnarled Stump

Logo Design, Business Card Design, Garment Design and Printing, and Product Label Design

Gnarled Stump Logos The Gnarled Stump T-shirts The Gnarled Stump Business Cards Gnarled Stump logo on barn and bottles

The Gnarled Stump brings their passion for sustainable food practices and family to produce multiple farm-fresh items. They are the only farm in Muskoka to combines honey making, maple syrup production, milking goats, laying hens, and pasteurized meats, to name a few, all in one place. The multiple practices needed to join together in the brand as they do on the farm. The logo icon was developed by creating separate icons, i.e. a beehive, goats, chicken, etc., that fit together as one. This enables the logo to be used together and disassembled for the various product's packaging, such as the maple tree on the maple syrup label. The icon also needed to be versatile, to be displayed on different platforms from a website to the barn. The colours were chosen to reflect the farm, the red barn, the yellow hay and honey, and the blue to compliment the orange hues of the brand.

The Benefits of Yoga

Newsletter Layout, Colouring, Icon Illustration, Copy Writing, and Poster Design

The Benefits of Yoga Newsletter The Benefits of Yoga Newsletter Inside Pages The Benefits of Yoga Poster and square advertisements

This publication is designed to engage curiosity and bring awareness of how yoga can help in everyday life. To gain the attention of the users and add enjoyment to their experience, bright colours were used. Triangles were used in the publication because they represent the balance needed to live a happy life.

The first tool of this campaign that was designed is an interactive newsletter, which can be e-mailed or viewed online. Since the majority of people are already on the computer, why not target that audience. This newsletter is designed to increase curiosity and awareness of yoga and it’s benefits for your body. Bright colours were chosen to gain attention and add joy to the reader’s experience. Simple shapes are incorporated into the layout to represent the balance and versatility of yoga, because it can be done anywhere, with anyone, at any time. The triangle shapes are also incorporated in the yoga illustrations, to add fluidity and unity to the piece. The illustrations were inspired by the Noun Project, which kept with the simple theme. Just two fonts were used throughout the campaign. A modern bubbly san serif font was paired with a fun script to contrast each other.

The elements of the newsletter were then used to create sticky note flyers. This delivery style was chosen for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it is portable and can be used as a subtle reminder of the benefits of yoga. The notes can be placed on a desk or in notebooks to add daily relaxation, a benefit of yoga, and bright colours to everyday life. Secondly, these notes can also be used digitally. This shape is easily converted to be used on various social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, to be spread awareness worldwide.

Another tool for this awareness campaign that was designed is a poster. Again, the same elements were used throughout the design. The poster was designed simply to intrigue curiosity and be visually pleasing. The quote was chosen to not only promote awareness but to gain motivation in the home or office space.

Ignite Fitness

Logo Design, Business Card Design, Garment Design and Printing

Ignite fitness logo Ignite fitness logo process ignite fitness logo on tank top and business cards

What is the first thing that you see when you wake up? The sun. It is what gives us light, and transforms our nights into days. The sun is our main symbol of transformation which is why it is a great symbol for a company that helps transform ourselves to be better, physically and mentally. This is why I have chosen to use a yellow circle as the symbol for Ignite Fitness and Nutrition. It represents the sun, as well as many different tools that are used in fitness. For example, the round sides of dumbbells, a balance ball, a kettlebell, any sports ball, etc. It also resembles a smile that will be on the client's face when they see the progress to becoming the person they want to be.

I have chosen this colour scheme because it is very bold but welcoming. Yellow, as we all know, represents happiness which is the main goal of working out and eating better. Happiness is the main goal of life. “Yellow is the best colour to create enthusiasm for life and can awaken greater confidence and optimism. The colour yellow loves a challenge, particularly a mental challenge.” Again, why it is a great colour to be used for a fitness company.

There are two different layouts of the logo so that it can be used on many different platforms. The logo with the symbol above can be used on business cards or t-shirts. While the logo with the symbol beside can be used on stationary and client forms or the symbol by itself can be used to represent the company as well.

My Special Toolbox

Brand Development, Product Label Design, Business Card Design, Garment Design and Printing

my special toolbox logo my special toolbox business cards my special toolbox product and uniform

This brand was developed for My Special Toolbox, a distribution company that brings educational therapy bins to parents and educators.

This brand needed to allow the owner to be positioned as an expert in her field to truly help parents and children in need of educational tools. This was achieved through clean and professional graphics. The identity needed to feel welcoming so people wanted to bring the product into their homes, but also be legible. A childish feeling was made using bright tones of the secondary colours. Blue, green, orange and purple are peaceful, trustworthy colours, more so than primary colours, typically used for children’s toys. The circle, square, and triangle icons were drawn to mimic a children’s drawing to connect the company to the tools they will be selling. These icons can also be used separately, as a pattern, or in the logo, to create a cohesive brand system. Another thing that needed to be kept in mind while creating this identity was that it was going to be used on a wide variety of platforms, from the web to stickers, to signage, so it needed to be simple enough to be used small and large without compromising the effect.

Canadore College School of Media Gala

Brand Development and Illustration, Poster Design, Invitation Design, Garment Design,and Social Media Marketing Material

logo mindmap and mood board Gala Poster and Invitation Gala messenger bag and t-shirt social media examples

This gala has been developed to inspire creativity to the next generation of design thinkers, to broadcast our accomplishments, and to let us soar into our near future. This identity for the school of Media, Design and Dramatic Arts has been designed to bring us together. There is one common thread throughout all of our sections of the design. It is that we are storytellers and messengers.

Whether it be through a play, telling the news on-air, displaying a cinematic masterpiece, displaying an advertising campaign, or designing graphics for the masses.

Throughout the brainstorming process, it was discovered that one of the oldest messengers was the carrier pigeon, which is what this identity was based on.

The colour scheme of a pigeon is muted blues and greys, which won’t compete with our artwork. These colours are elegant and timeless. The logo design was created in a puzzle-like way to remind us how the gala brings the school of design together.

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