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Inspire Tech Canada strives to bring awareness and support to people starting in the STEM fields, in rural communities and expanding awareness nationally. Their goal is to ensure that in the beginning of their careers, people with less than 5 yrs experience can have the sufficient resources to allow them to become “Change Makers.” Inspire Tech Canada has many different avenues of growth that are available to them. The brand needed to be able to grow with them in order to accommodate the different streams that develop within the organization. The brand will be presented to a wide audience. Keeping that in mind, it will need to captivate youth and large financial donors. Inspire Tech Canada was inspired by the drive and passion from the youth of Robotics Team from Huntsville High School. The founders of the organization feed off that passion to create an organization to allow these youth and other like them, to thrive in the STEM industry. The brand needed to be clean and professional.

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