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3 Tips to Make Your Documents Go From Drab to Fab

by | Mar 22, 2021 | Business

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Realistically, most businesses are unable to produce beautifully designed documents every time they need to release something. Sometimes you need to rush out a quick notice, or you don’t have the budget for it at the moment.

Here are three tips to keep in mind when producing your documents and content to bring them to the next level.

1) Consistency is Queen!

When creating content for your business, the most important thing for branding is consistency.

Keep in mind when creating documents, always use the same colours, typefaces and even similar placement. Consistency makes recognition for your brand and the type of documents that you are creating for your customers. You may find creating templates for yourself if you are releasing the same kind of document repeatedly.

Design resources such as Canva can lock elements in place to create templates. Now that those elements don’t move, it’s easier to add editable text inside the components.

2) Only use two typefaces maximum!

A typeface is defined as a group of fonts, for instance, Helvetica. A font is a particular style and weight of a font, for example, Helvetica Bold.

When creating documents, do not use more than two different typefaces together. The more you use, the harder it is for your customers to read because their eyes don’t know where to focus.

You can use different fonts, if necessary, but keep your document as minimal as possible. Your document will not only look better, but it will be easier for your customers to digest.

3) Whitespace is your friend.

This is the “Marie Kondo” technique to design. You don’t need to fill up your whole page, so every space is filled with something.

It is time to de-clutter your documents and be mindful of the essential elements necessary to convey your message.

A good rule of thumb is when you are finished with your document, remove one element, like an icon, clip art or image. If the message is still clear and easy to understand, don’t put it back! You can do this a few times, reviewing your document until you feel like you can’t remove anything else without communicating our message effectively.

I hope that these tips help. You can use these tips whenever you create something, whether it is a Facebook post or a birthday card for your niece or nephew.

Happy creating!

3 Tips to make your documents go from drab to fab when producing content to bring it to the next level. Click Here. - Broadbent Studio
3 Tips to make your documents go from drab to fab. Bring you content to the next level. - Broadbent Studio