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Are you a textile artist that is ready to elevate their presence?

Do you want to create trusting relationships with your clients?

This workbook is tailored to the textile artist and creative who wants to focus their messaging on their ideal audience, help reach their goals, and make sales!

Inside you will learn…

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The Basics

Let’s get down to the basics of a brand
and branding and know why they are
essential for your business. Learning the basics will help you to fully understand what it can do for your textile business.

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Connect with Audience

Dig Deep to fully understand your target audience to create authentic meaningful connects with them. Gaining focus on your audience will help you target your content and product/service
to give them the most value.

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Crafting a Great Brand

Learn to create a brand that will increase your presence, reputation and revenue with key branding elements. There are many moving parts to any brand, but we will cover the main components to craft a tailored brand.

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