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Hey Lovely,

👉 Are you a business owner that is looking to tailor their brand to service high-end clients? 

👉  Do you feel overwhelmed when creating marketing materials because you are unsure of what colours to use, what font to pick, and frustrated with how much time it takes you to make one simple thing? 

👉  Would you like clarity about your brand’s vision and learn how to effectively communicate it to your target audience?

Then I would like to introduce you to my branding packages.


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Together we will…

  • Create a branding system for your business to make you feel confident and excited.
  • Decrease your frustration when creating marketing material for your business.
  • Decrease the time it takes to create marketing material for your business, such as social media graphics.
  • Form trust and brand recognition with affluent customers
  • Increase your business’ perceived value, resulting in more sales.
  • Provide you with a framework of actionable steps to implement your new brand.
Let’s Get Started

It starts with a Diamond Blueprint Workshop

During the initial stages of the design process, we will collaborate to develop a strategic blueprint to ensure that we share the same vision for creating your brand.

Through this process, we will establish a strong foundation for your brand by comprehensively understanding your identity, actions, and approach. This workshop will enable us to devise an action plan to align your business’s brand. You will receive a detailed strategy document to confirm that we are headed in the right direction.

My aim is to ensure that you feel confident, at ease, and enthusiastic about your new brand, providing your audience with a luxurious experience. I want to deliver a beautiful, cohesive package, including a website, business cards, logo, and social media assets that reflect your vision.

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Here’s What You Get

After crafting your blueprint, we will then work together to create various elements for your tailored brand.

Feeling Put Together Guidelines Deliverables

Initial Concepts

We will provide you with 1-3 identity concepts to choose from rooted in the discoveries from your diamond blueprint workshop. We create these options to ensure that the process is collaborative and the brand identity best represents your business. 

Hand-picked Colour Palette

We will handpick colours for your brand, using colour psychology to emotionally and visually represent your values. Your hand-picked colour palette will also create uniformity and brand recognition.

Tailored Fonts 

There are millions of fonts out there to use. We will reduce the guesswork by choosing fonts to elegantly showcase your message in the best way possible and create a cohesive brand.

Dream Client Manifestation

Based on your blueprint, we will put a face on your ideal client. This will make it easier to create content and speak directly to your audience. We will focus your attention on who you would ideally like to work with. This will also help us focus on your visual identity and messaging to target these people.

Competitor Exposé

Using your blueprint, we will dig deep so that you can see what your competitors (max. 5) are doing for advice, see what not to do, and look for any missed opportunities in your industry. Knowing about your competition is crucial because it allows us to analyze your industry to be mindful of our findings when creating and positioning your tailored brand.

Comprehensive Final Files

You will receive a Google Drive folder with a wide variety of file formats upon completing the project. Inside the folder will be print and web-ready versions of your brand identity. These files will ensure that you showcase your new tailored brand at its best at all times. Also, within the Feeling Put Together Guidebook, we will provide instructions to best use them when creating different collateral.

Feeling Put Together Guidebook

To wrap up all our hard work, you will receive a bespoke Feeling Put Together Guidebook so that you can continuously create content for your business that is put together and elegant. 

Inside, you will receive everything that we have crafted together, including:

      • Summary of your Blueprint 
      • Brand Guidelines and Usage suggestions for your logo, colours palette, and fonts to make sure to showcase your brand luxuriously
      • Your Competitor Expose 
      • Client Manifestation

          Branding Packages

          Are you looking to rebrand, or are you just starting? There is a wide variety of packages to fit your needs. 

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          Extra Deliverables



          The Socialite Bundle

          starting at $936 CAD

          You will get:

          10 ‘Gram Ready Templates

          Custom social media templates will help you create a uniform look to your Instagram feed and save you time.

          On the Cover Photos

          Social media cover photo to can create a uniform aesthetic over all of your social media profiles.

          Social Profile Image

          So you can help your customers recognize you wherever they are.

          10 Curated Stock Images to use in social media

          Get you started, save time, and create a uniform look when creating social media posts. These photos match your brand’s overall visual vibe to create consistency across the board. They will also pair nicely with your custom templates.


          The Sophisticated Flourish Bundle

          starting at $832 CAD

          You will get:

          Product Care Card

          Showcase the benefits and/or care instructions of your products to your customers when they open their package.

          Thank You Postcard

          Say thank you and show your appreciation to your customers when they receive their package from you. 

          Hang Tags/ Product Label Sticker 

          Stay in front of your customers and remind them where they purchased the product from.

          Custom Stickers

          Add the final cherry on top of your perfectly packaged products with custom branded stickers.



          We Mean Business Bundle

          starting at $624 CAD

          Meet all your branding touchpoints and create a cohesive experience for your customers. 

          Choose three print products from the list below:

          • Business Card 
          • Letterhead
          • Flyer 
          • Brochure
          • Poster
          • Postcard
          • Slide Deck
          • Roll Labels

          Branding Follow-up Appointment

           starting at $100/each

          Weekly or Monthly 45 min follow-up session, based on your needs, with Rachel to make sure your deliverables are performing how you would like them, as well as you are implementing your new brand correctly across your company to get the most out of your investment.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Still have a few questions?

          No problem at all! If you have any questions, feel free to drop us an email at or fill out the form on our contact page.

          Also, don’t forget to check out our FAQ page for helpful answers to common inquiries. Cheers!

          Kind Words

          From Our Clients

          Rachel designed my brand and helped me with my website. She listened to my ideas and made great suggestions until we came up with the perfect design for my company, Rooted Weddings. Within a day of going live with my webpage, I had a wedding couple from Ireland hire my Ontario wedding officiant services. I recommend her for your needs, and she will help your business excel!
          Teresa McBride

          Founder and Wedding Officiant, Rooted Weddings

          It was wonderful working with Rachel. She really listened to me to hear what my unique vision would be, and then she captured it perfectly in the website she built. In addition, she walked me through every step of the process and left me with the tools to revise my site independently. I couldn't ask for a better experience.

          Tina Fetner

          Sociologist, Professor, McMaster University

          I loved the process contained within about 12 weeks with a really clear focus each week. I loved Rachel’s ability to take my thoughts and convert them into something so very beautiful. I’m so very happy with the final product. I felt supported throughout the entire process, and I feel set-up to take on some of the website upkeep on my own.

          Danielle Hulan

          Founder and Registered Social Worker, The Cove Therapy

          Rachel is absolutely amazing! I am so grateful for her expertise, she created an outstanding website for our company! She is truly a professional, and most of all an incredible person.
          Matthew DeMaria

          Founder and Licenced Plumber, Vita Plumbing

          Working with Rachel has been an easy process. Rachel is to the point, professional, reasonable and always prompt in assisting us with our needs. There's no fuss and there are no complications. It's been a refreshing experience for a small business owner.

          Jocelyne Pelchat

          Founder, The Cornerstone Pilates

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