Code of Conduct

The Profession

I vow to:

  1. Keep information about or provided by my clients confidential, unless otherwise instructed.
  2. Never unethically obtain work from my fellow designers.
  3. Abide by the code of ethics of RGD (Registered Graphic Designers) and GDC ( Graphic Designers of Canada.)
  4. Never work on a project is/was worked on by another designer without their consent.
  5. Update my skills regularly to grow with the industry.
  6. Require compensation that meets my level of expertise and follows industry standards.

Clients & Employers

I vow to:

  1. Avoid working with other clients/employers that are a conflict of interest without notifying all parties.
  2. Do what I say I am going to do, and complete it when I will say I will.
  3. Not use marketing materials that will mislead the skills of myself or others.
  4. Prior to the completion of a project keep information about my client or the project confidential, including, but not limited to, business strategies, structure, methods, and works in progress. Unless otherwise granted permission.
  5. Only with reasonable cause and written notice terminate a project.
  6. Fully disclose fees and compensation orally and written.
  7. Provide a contract of the project outlining all responsibilities of parties involved, including compensation, and consequences if terms are not met. Therefore, all parties involved are on the same page.
    • If a verbal agreement is made, a written contract will follow.

Responsibilities of The Society & the Environment

I vow to:

  1. Never do anything to harm others’ safety.
  2. Decline instruction that will go against human rights or the Canadian Human Rights Act.
  3. Ensure work abides by the accessibility standards and educates others of these standards.
  4. Donate my services to non-profit organizations and charities that cannot pay for them, but I will not donate services if the organization has the capability to provide proper compensation.
  5. Provide a receipt detailing all donated services to ensure my donation is taken seriously.

Responsibilities of Competitions & Fees

I vow to:

  1. Support fair and open competition.
  2. Decline participation in speculative work requiring no guaranteed compensation for my services.
  3. Provide pro-bono for only non-profit or charitable organizations.
  4. Educate others about the negative aspects of speculative work.
  5. Recommend other designers ethically.
  6. Require a cancelation fee if a project is terminated, and withhold a portion of the estimate for a fee.
  7. Request a deposit from clients of a portion of the estimate before the beginning of the project.

Responsibilities of Intellectual Property & Authorship

I vow to:

  1. Prohibit from copying the work of other designers without consent.
  2. Never take credit for works I did not do, and to provide appropriate accreditation.
  3. Educate clients about intellectual property rights.
  4. Require appropriate compensation if full intellectual property rights are to be transferred to the client.
  5. Encourage publication of work with accreditation.
  6. Provide proper copyright material licensing and paperwork.
  7. Grant one-time usage rights to clients, upon full payment. Broadbent Studio/Rachel Simms will obtain all original copyrights and intellectual property rights to all original works.

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