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Stop Wondering How To: Craft a Custom Email Address for your Business

by | Aug 12, 2021 | Business

How to Craft a Custom Email Address by Broadbent Studio

Having a domain email address is better for your business for many reasons. Let’s dive in.


Why do you need a custom domain email address?


1. Credibility

When your business has a custom domain email address, you come across much more professional. When someone receives an email from you with a custom email address, it reads that you mean business and takes you seriously


2. Consistency

Having your domain name in your email address will also create consistency and recognition for your brand. Consistency is queen when it comes to branding. The more your brand is recognized and in front of people’s faces, the better chance you have to be top of mind when they are looking to purchase.

Now that you know why you would create a custom email address.

Let’s show you how you can do this for your business. These are a few that I recommend and have used over the years

How to create a custom email address


1. Google Workspace

Once you have purchased a domain name, you can buy and link your domain name from Google Workspace. I currently use this method because it is straightforward to use and navigate, integrates well with other programs, and has extra storage with Google Drive once it is set up. Win!

Google has already created a how-to article to get you started.

Quick Start Guide for one-person businesses – Google Workspace Admin Help

One tricky step in the process that you may need additional help with from a web developer is to edit the MX record for your domain name.

You will need to log into your domain or hosting account and redirect your email to Google. Google has provided host-specific instructions here, which I have summarized below. Set up MX records (host-specific steps)


    1. Sign in to your domain provider dashboard. **If you need help with this, contact your provider or web developer to get further assistance.


    1. Go to “DNS Management” or “Mail Settings” or “Advanced Settings”


    1. Change existing MX records to have a priority of 20 or higher. 

WEB DESIGN TIP: It is always better to work non-destructively. Try not to delete anything if you can!  Change the priority number instead. The higher the number, the less significant it is, and the computer won’t pick it up until it goes from the top #1 priority first.


    1. Add a new MX record that points to Google. See Google’s instructions for the correct information – Set up MX records for Google Workspace email – Google Workspace Admin Help.


    1. Save your changes 

Now you wait and see through the Google Admin Console to see if your domain name has been verified under “Accounts.”

It can take up to 72 hours for the changes to take effect. So be patient.

If you run into any problems, I recommend contacting Google, your web developer, or using the help forums.

Troubleshooting Note: In my instance, because I purchased my domain name from Go Daddy, my hosting is provided through HostPapa. I had an existing business email running through my hosting provider that I had to redirect to Google.  I had to log in to HostPapa’s cPanel to update the MX Records because I already had an email address set up with my hosting provider. But try your domain provider first, as Google recommends, and if that doesn’t work, try your hosting provider.

2. Domain Provider

Another option is to purchase an email address and services from your domain provider, such as GoDaddy.

A lot of the time, domain providers will associate with email software services like Microsoft Outlook. So you can use your new domain email with those apps! If your domain provider doesn’t associate with a standard email application, you can add it to your existing email application using the “other” options.

Screenshot of Apple mail pop-up. "Choose a Mail account provider... 1) iCloud 2) Microsoft Exchange 3) Google 4) Yahoo! 5) AOL 6) Other Mail account.


Apple Mail Account Add Account Pop-Up

Purchasing your email services from your domain provider may be easier because you can buy a domain name and email simultaneously, and they work well together.

3. Hosting Provider

If you have already bought your domain and have an existing hosting account or need to purchase one for your website, you can also have a custom domain email address created through your hosting provider.

Going with a traditional hosting provider such as HostPapa, Siteground or BlueHost will help set everything up using a cPanel interface. cPanel is the control panel interface to maintain and interact with your website. If you have any problems, I recommend contacting your provider to help you set it up.

    1. Log into your cPanel Dashboard. It will look something like this. And go to your “email accounts.”
Screenshot of cPanel interface.


cPanel Interface



    1. Create a new email account. Type in the front section that you would like your email to be ex. Your name, “info,” or “hello.” And create a password for that email address.

Screenshot of cPanel to add an email account. Showing textbox to add custom domain email address and password.


cPanel Add Email Account


    1. Select Create and navigate back to the main “Email Accounts” page to find the information to add your account to your email application on your phone or computer.


    1. Use either the Protocol Links or Manual Settings to add your email address to your app. Again, when using a traditional hosting provider to provide an email address, you can use different email apps and add the email address using the “other” option.
Screenshot of cPanel set up for mail client settings to add new custom email to another mail application.


cPanel Set Up Mail Client Settings

Suppose you purchase a plan from a website builder such as WordPress or Squarespace. To retain more control over your website, in case you need to move it. I would recommend only buying hosting services from them.  They don’t usually have email services.  I recommend purchasing a custom domain email through Google Workspace.

Now that you have gone a step further and created your custom domain email address, you will be professional, show credibility, and increase your brand consistency. 

Also, remember, when working with your website or any online application, I recommend reaching out for help if you run into trouble. Always ere on the side of caution when working with web things. Most things can be fixed if there is a mistake, so research your problems online, contact your web designer/developer or service provider. If you have any questions when crafting your custom email address, pop them in the comments below!

Stop Wondering how to: Craft a customer email address for your textile business. By Broadbent Studio

Stop Wondering How to: Craft a Custom Email Address for Your Business by Broadbent Studio.