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Visual Identity Design

Visual identity design is the creation of visual elements to communicate your company’s personality to your customers. These visual elements usually start with a logo, colour palette, font choices (typography), patterns and evolve into different physical and digital products like business cards and websites.

Brand Guideline Creation

Brand Guidelines are when you organize all the branding elements of the company into one document. This document describes the best practices to use the elements and provides examples to use the branding elements.

Brand Guidelines are a great way to streamline your branding for internal company use to make sure everything you put out into the public is consistent.

Customer Persona Development

A customer persona is a profile that represents your target market, the people that are the most likely to buy your product or service. Customer personas are valuable to understand who you are striving to connect with fully. They are key to keep in mind when creating marketing materials and visual elements. A customer persona makes it easier to keep your target market in mind by “putting a face” to your target market.

Existing Brand Development

You already have the main logo, but you find it doesn’t work well in all applications. Or the fonts in your logo don’t work well for large chunks of writing, and you need a font that works well in these instances. Broadbent Studio will work with the brand elements you currently have to add on to your branding toolbox by generating more design elements to match and work with what you already have.

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Website Design and Development

Broadbent Studio will partner with you to create a website for your business. Broadbent Studio has experience creating websites by hard coding them and using Wordpress.

Wordpress is a great way to create a website using premium custom templates, Wordpress is great for posting blog articles and growing with your business. Hard coding is where HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, and many other coding languages are brought together to make a website just for you.

E-Commerce Design and Development

Broadbent Studio can create an online store for you using WooCommerce and Square’s Online Store builder to develop efficient online stores for your business.

WooCommerce, created by Wordpress, has many plugins to help with your store management, such as shipping, payment, and more to grow with your online store. These plugins are created to make your life easier running your business.

Square is a great way to integrate your Square payment system and inventory to make sure your inventory count is accounted for both on your POS and e-commerce website.

Customer Persona Development

Working with our clients to gain insight into their business and who their audience is, Broadbent Studio creates personas to help focus your attention on your target audience. This allows you to focus on who you are trying to talk to and connect with. Personas are essential for website development to create the best possible user experience.

Wordpress Training Sessions

During a One-On-One session, Broadbent Studio will walk you through and teach you how to update your Wordpress Website—giving you the tools to do it yourself!

Broadbent Studio has online training sessions via video chat and/or virtual screen sharing sessions to walk you through what you need to do to succeed in navigating your Wordpress Website.

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Print Collateral

Anything that can be printed to communicate your company’s message. Broadbent Studio will create elements such as annual reports, business cards, brochures, banners, billboards, posters, postcards, signage etc. that work with your company’s branding. Broadbent Studio will also work closely with your printer, at an additional cost, to ensure that you receive the best product possible.

Vinyl Decals

With the experience to create small decals for business and personal use, Rachel will design and cut custom decals for you to add to your doors, windows, cars, and computers to promote your business and unique flair.

Apparel Design

Rachel has over ten years of experience designing branded apparel for businesses, sports teams, schools and clubs. Rachel can create and prep artwork for the best result for many apparel applications, including heat transfer vinyl, direct to garment printing, silkscreening, twill, and embroidery. She is experienced in what will work best according to your application you are looking for.

Broadbent Studio can print and order apparel for your heat transfer and direct to garment printed apparel as well. For other applications, Rachel is available to guide you to find a printer that best fits your needs.

Hand Lettering

Rachel also has experience creating beautiful hand lettering art. Having participated in various sign lettering and hand lettering workshops, Rachel can help you create beautiful hand-drawn and painted letters for your business or personal projects.

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