Burn to Shine Studios

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Diamond Branding Package


  • Bespoke Branding 
  • Branded Print Collateral

Burn To Shine Studios is a glass studio connected to Ontario and New Brunswick. Burn to Shine Studios takes pride in its professionalism. They have a Sea-to-Sea connection with many parts of Canada through their education and family. They provide a unique perspective on Canadian blown glassworks. Burn to Shine Studios creates individual works by combining delicate glass with wood and rock elements to represent Canada. They make beautiful artwork using unpredictable intense media to develop elegant, passionate artwork.

The client needed a brand to present their business as professional and trustworthy to their target audience and bring their business to the next level.

The identity was successful as it gave the client confidence about their business, reignited the spark and created a versatile cohesive identity for them to use for many years. The brand will be developed further to create an e-commerce shop and website.

The client’s indecisiveness was hard to overcome throughout the project, but through education on basic design fundamentals and an explanation of colour psychology. We could stay true to the project brief and come to a solution that the client loved.

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