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InspireTech Canada brings awareness and support to young people beginning their careers in remote communities and expands their understanding of STEM fields nationally. The organization’s mission is to ensure that people with less than five years of experience can have sufficient resources to become changemakers.

InspireTech Canada needed a brand identity that would allow them to showcase their mission, grow into many different avenues and steams of the organization, and work well with a wide variety of sponsor logos. They also needed to captivate the attention of two primary target audiences, youth and large financial donors.

I began sketching different concepts and stumbled upon a brand mark in the shape of a chemical compound with components of a circuit board look. These elements bond together to create something larger than themselves, which is what InspireTech Canada wishes to achieve.
I also made “INSPIRE” bold and close together to accentuate the connection and bonding between the letters. 

Since the organization needed room to grow, I created a concept that could be used in various colour combinations. I suggested bright colours such as red, green, and purple, all used within the stem industries.

I then created a brand pattern for them to use on social media posts, merchandise and stationery. We also created a business card and letterhead to get the founders the tools they needed to start networking and sharing InspireTech Canada’s mission with large financial sponsors.

The design solution provided the client with a branding system that allows them to grow their organization and meet their needs for years to come. By creating a system that can grow with the company as they expand into different regions and/or sectors, they can integrate different colours and keep the integrity of the original logo.

The brand also represents all aspects of STEM. Therefore, it represents all aspects of InspireTech, embodying its mission.

After many years InspireTech Canada is still using the original brand concept to help young adults launch themselves into the tech industry. The brand has grown with them as they expand their reach across the country, using it in conference graphics, promotional material, merchandise, and much more.

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