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Top 10 Colour Palettes for Fall

by | Sep 8, 2021 | Branding

Top 10 Colour Palettes for Fall

It’s fall ya’ll! Do you know what that means? Knits, on Knits, on Knits! 

Fall is my favourite season because it finally cools down enough that you can wear those sweaters and socks you have been creating! It also inspires you to make even more! So I thought I would share my top 10 favourite colour palettes with you to give you some inspiration you can fall in love with. (see what I did there *wink* )

#1 – Navy, Mustard Yellow, Grey, Black, White

This colour combination is one of my absolute favourites. In the fall, I love using Mustard Yellow as much as possible. I love this colour combo so much because it is gender-neutral, bold and versatile all at the same time. Depending on the amount of each colour you use, it can have a totally different outcome. Use more yellow. Your project will be warm and cozy with a few neutral tones around it. Use more navy and black, with a little bit of yellow. Your project will have loud pops of colour! 

If you want to portray a particular feeling in your work you can use colour psychology. This colour scheme has feelings of Warm, Peaceful, and Clean.

#2 – Gem Tones of Purple, Red, Orange and Yellow

To me, these colours scream fall. They remind me of all the many different colours on the trees while growing up in Muskoka. When looking out the window as a kid, I loved seeing what different tones the leaves had turned that year. These rich, vibrant colours will add a lot of luxury to your next project. I love the combination of deep purples mixed with the bright yellow that really compliment each other. 

These colours bring can be described emotionally as Energetic, Luxurious, and Warm when using colour psychology to describe them. 

#3 – Pastel Shades of Coral and Blue

As you can see, I am a girl that loves pastel colours. They tend to pop up regularly in the designs that I do. I especially love them for fall because fall reminds me of warm, soft textures with vintage vibes. This colour palette is another favourite because it is another versatile palette. It can be easily used in a sweater or cardigan that would pair well with jeans. It would be beautiful as a vintage-inspired embroidery piece, as well as a soft, cozy gender-neutral blanket. 

This colour palette is Sophisticated, Calm, and Simple when it comes to colour psychology. 

#4 – Brown Monotones

This is a very traditional colour palette that again can be used in many different projects. I like the use of tone colours when there are many textures or complex stitches that can be highlighted by not having a lot of colours to distract from them. Creating a project out of tones of brown will be very versatile because they are neutral. It will match almost any decor and outfit.

The colour psychology and feeling of brown can be described as Dependable, Rugged, and Simple. 

#5 – Shades of Coral, Gold, and White

Again, it may seem that these colours are more spring tones, but because it starts to get darker during this time, a little pop of colour is nice to have. These warm pinks and golds would compliment florals and more feminine projects. 

The feelings this colour palette exudes are Feminine, Sophisticated, and Sweet according to colour psychology. 

#6 – Forest Green and Pink

I love using forest green in the fall, and pairing it with a light pink and gold adds a bit of life to the palette. These colours would work well in many different textile mediums, from an abstract tapestry to a cozy cardigan. 

This colour palette feels Natural, High Quality, and Warm. 

#7 – Gold, Red and Forest Green

This is a classic fall colour palette. This gives me vibes of buffalo plaid and campfires with a cup of coffee and cozy socks. I love how warm and inviting this colour palette is. These rich red and forest greens would make an amazing log cabin quilt. 

The colour psychology of this palette is Strong, Warm, and Balanced, what more would you want for fall. 

#8 – Green, Coral and Navy

Shades of navy, green, and red are always classic fall colours. I like this palette because it puts a vintage pastel spin on these classic fall colours.  These colours are very warm, playful and inviting, perfect for those cool fall walks to look at the leaves in a cozy sweater. This colour palette is also really good for embroidery or cross stitch because it has a great variety of colours that would work well for lettering and floral designs.

#9 – Slate Blue, Gold, and Burnt Red

This is another colour palette that reminds me of the classic Muskoka fall experience. It reminds me of all the colourful leaves right by the crisp blue lake. This colour palette is another very traditional colour scheme with a modern twist, by adding in the slate blue. 

It makes you feel Timeless, Adventurous, and Elegant according to colour psychology.

#10 – Dark Purple, Mauve, Slate Blue and Tan

This colour scheme is one of the more muted tones of the group. But that’s why I love it, it is understated and elegant. These colours are very cozy, calm and warm, which would make a great addition to your reading nook as a blanket. 

I would love to see what projects you come up with using the colour schemes I have listed today. Let me know what they are by adding #craftingyourtailoredbrand or tagging us on a picture of your project on Instagram!

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