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Why Invest in Branding

by | Nov 19, 2021 | Branding, Business

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As a maker and creative entrepreneur, you know that having a logo for your business is very important. A logo helps people recognize your business and helps to visually represent what your business does. But a logo is not a brand. Branding is so much more than a logo. Branding is a holistic strategic approach to represent your business’s presence both on and offline. Branding can help increase your profits and connection with your customers. Branding allows you to gain your audience’s trust by showing your uniqueness and authenticity. Investing in branding your creative business can be very valuable. 

more than a logo.

It is common to mix up a logo with a whole brand. A logo, or brand identity, is only a small part of what a brand truly is. Branding is a holistic look at all of the touchpoints of your business. Touchpoints refer to all of the points of contact your business has with people that make up the whole experience of interacting with your business. All the various touchpoints of your brand work together to fully represent your business and what makes you unique. 

Some of the touchpoints can include more commonly thought of things such as fonts, colours, icons, logos, images, websites and print material, such as business cards, labels and posters. But it can also refer to the tone and voice you use in your social media posts, your customer service and how you want our customers to perceive your business.

The branding process can help you think of the big picture of your business. The process helps align your vision to create the business of your dreams.

more customers. 

Investing in branding can increase the number of potential customers which will also increase your revenue. A study by LucidPress shows that consistent branding can increase your revenue by 33%! Consistency is key.  So how does this work?

When a potential customer starts to recognize your brand by consistently seeing it, they start to build a relationship with it. Your brand will start to become familiar to them and create a reputation for the potential customer of what to expect from you. For example, high-quality handmade products. The more they feel that they like and know what your brand is about and has to offer, they will begin to trust your brand. People buy from brands that they like, know and trust. 

more connection.

Connecting with your target audience and building a further relationship with them is very beneficial to help them to like your brand. A great way that branding can help with that is to connect your “why” to your customers.

Why you do what you do. 

Brand strategy can help you express your core values and communicate them effectively to your target audience. Branding can show others what makes you unique.

You can create this connection and showcase your uniqueness through your brand’s tone and voice. This can be discovered and guided through brand strategy. You can also showcase your business’s uniqueness through your brand identity, which includes your logo, fonts, and colours. 

more trust.

Aligning your brand with the target audience will also help build trust because they will feel like you get them. Your ideal client will start saying and feeling “Yes! That’s exactly what I need,” and “Oh, they just get me.” When you start speaking directly to your target audience you begin to build that relationship with them. 

Niching down and being able to talk directly to your audience and show that you care and know your audience is very important. When your target audience knows that you fully understand them and get what they need, that what you offer truly can add value to their lives, then you will have a customer for life. A great way to be able to do this is to make sure that your brand communicates these values and shares the knowledge that you have.

more value.

Investing in branding can add value to your creative business. When you have a brand that aligns with your goals, values, target audience, and why – sharing valuable content becomes so much easier. 

A brand that is well-aligned with your business provides you, as a solopreneur, with much more focus. You will be able to easily create a game plan for your marketing strategy because you will have a better understanding of who you are targeting. You will be able to save yourself time when creating content because you have a focused set of rules and guidelines to follow to make your branding consistent. 

invest in branding.

Now you can see it is essential to invest in a  holistic strategic brand to represent your business’s presence both on and offline. It can help increase your profits and connection with your customers, allowing you to gain your audience’s trust by showing your uniqueness and authenticity. Branding adds value to your creative business by saving you time and adding focus to your content. 

If you would like to know more about how I can help you with your brand’s strategy and implementation, feel free to email me at rachel@broadbentstudio.com or have a look at my Diamond Branding Package

Why invest in branding for makers and creatives! By Broadbent Studio
Why you should invest in branding for makers! By Broadbent Studio