Dragging the Line Logo

Dragging the Line

brand, identity, and web design concept

Dragging the Line is a sign painting and pin stripping supply retailer. The concept of this brand development was inspired by the hobo coin, skeletons, and pin-stripping culture. The main target audience for this company is hipster people that are rugged and self sufficient. The owners of Dragging the Line also have another business “Hobo’s Ads from the Past” which was part of the inspiration from the hobo coin.

All of these concepts were brought together to create this logo mark. The colour scheme is black and white with a splash of red to highlight the different products that they offer.

Dragging the Line T-shirt Design
Dragging the Line Window Decal

The website for Dragging the Line is very clean and open with lots of white space. Again to draw focus on the products that they sell. As you can see the logo mark was created to work on light and dark coloured backgrounds so that the client can use it on many different products in the future from window decals to t-shirts.