The Gnarled Stump Honey Jar

The Gnarled Stump

brand, identity, and web design concept

The Gnarled Stump brings their passion for sustainable food practices and family to produce multiple farm fresh items. They are the only farm in Muskoka to combines honey making, maple syrup production, milking goats, laying hens, and pasteurized meats, to name a few, all in one place. The multiple practices needed to join together in the brand like they do on the farm. The logo icon was developed by creating separate icons, i.e. a bee hive, maple syrup, egg etc., that fit together as one. This enables the logo to be used together and disabled onto different packaging, such as the maple syrup bottom on the maple syrup label. The icon also needed to be versatile, to be displayed on different platforms from a website to the barn.

Gnarled Stump T-shirt Design
Gnarled Stump Logo
Gnarled Stump Business Card

The Gnarled Stump website was created with their products and family in mind first. Large images of the different farm animals on the farm are in the for front on every page. As well as large images of the products. The colour scheme of the brand was continued through out the website. Followed by a clean natural look with large buttons, and san serif fonts.

To execute this prototype in code I would use the combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to execute the front end, and well as jQuery and jQuery UI plugins to create the animations within the prototype.

Gnarled Stump Website PrototypePreview the[a href=""] Gnarled Stump Adobe XD Prototype.[/a]

Preview the Gnarled Stump Adobe XD Prototype.