My Special Toolbox Packaging

My Special Toolbox

brand, identity, and web design concept

This brand was development for My Special Toolbox, a distribution company that brings educational therapy bins to parents and educators. This brand needed to allow the company to be positioned as experts in their field to truly help parents and children in need of educational tools. This identity needed to feel welcoming to promote people bringing the products into their lives and homes. A childish feel was made using bring tones of secondary colours. These colours are peaceful and trustworthy. The circle, square and triangle icons were drawn to mimic a children’s drawing to connect the company to the tools they were selling. These icons can also be used separately, as a pattern, or in the logo, to create a cohesive identity that will be used on a wide variety of platforms.

My Special Toolbox Logo
My Special Toolbox Business Card

The website for My Special Toolbox continued to use the whimsical and colourfulness of the brand with different coloured text to show emphasis. A lot of white space was used as well to make the website easy to read and navigate as it would be used potentially by many different age groups from very young children to experienced educators.

My Special Toolbox Website- Home Page
My Special Toolbox Website- About Page